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I just wanted to drop a note here and let everyone know that due to a death in my family that I'm currently not taking any more appointments for motorcycle work and Traxxion installs for a while. Thanks for your understanding.
Just in case you missed it, I did a short video review of the changes to the 2021 Gold Wing. Here is the link to it.
My Black Friday sale is currently in effect, Enjoy!
I've reduced the price of my videos for the 4th of July holiday. Sale will run through Monday.
I've started my annual sale on my maintenance videos. This is the only sale I have all year, so if you want a set, take advantage of it while you can.
If you have purchased my videos and don't know how to get logged back in to view them, here are some instructions. Click the link to my videos. If you purchased them through WingStuff, use this link instead: When the Vimeo page displays click "Log In" at the top of the screen. See screenshot below. Once you click Lo...
You know, they say third time is the charm. Got another reflashed ECM from Guhl Motors today with a new tune in it for testing. Installed it this afternoon and went for a ride. Don advanced the timing just a little more on this one from the previous tune. The first thing I noticed was a big change in throttle response. Sort of reminds me of the old 2001/2002 ECM, only with more power. In first ...
FYI, once the current supply of GL1800 Maintenance videos in stock are all sold out, we aren't planning on producing them anymore, so if you want a set, I'd suggest getting them before they are all gone.
Videos are now available here --> I will be adding more titles as time goes on, and my plan is to make this a living site with constant updates.
I've marked down my videos for Thanksgiving/Christmas. This will probably be the only sale I'll have until next Christmas. Limited quantities available. When they run out, the sale is over.
Use promo code Turkey when you check out for 10% off. This coupon is good for the next week.
FYI, Traxxion Dynamics has reduced the price on their AK-20 kit by $200. Contact me if you're interested in having a kit installed.
I just want to mention that I'm a Traxxion dealer/installer, and also do full service on both the new and previous generation Gold Wings. Give me a shout if I can be of service. I'm currently located in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
Re: Traxxion upgrade to my 2016 wing instead of trading to a 2018 FYI, I've probably done around 100 Traxxion installs now, and I'm still doing them, have one in the shop now. If anyone is interested in getting this done send me a PM, I'm getting a lot of folks who have decided to go this route instead of getting the 2018. I'm also going to do Traxxion front and rear shock installs on the 2018 ...
FYI, my web site hosting company has had some issues with their certificates lately, and I hope to have this fixed in the next day. If you attempted to order videos and got a message saying "Your connection is not secure" it is because of an expired SSL certificate. This should be fixed by tomorrow. Sorry for any problems.
Springtime is right around the corner. I'm having a spring off sale on my 2018- 2020 Gold Wing Maintenance videos. Use Promo Code Spring for 10% off. Limited number of uses available.
Springtime is right around the corner. I'm having a spring off sale on my 2018- 2020 Gold Wing Maintenance videos. Use Promo Code Spring for 10% off. Limited number of uses available.
I just want to mention that I have literally hundreds of maintenance and repair photos in an on-line photo gallery that have helped lots of folks over the years. I also have some photos in it from various trips and travels on the Wing over the years. It is totally free and is also free of advertisements. Here is the link to it. Each photo on the main page is a li...
Sale price is now in effect for my videos. Click on this link to purchase ->
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